3 Things to be Thankful for if you Lease an Office Space with Us

Tis the season to be full of gratitude and we’re very thankful for our clients, partners, staff, and all the people we work with frequently. We hope that all of you get some time with family and friends and/or to relax over the Thanksgiving holiday.

When you lease an office space with Access, it is important to us that we do all that we can to help your business succeed. We know that you are investing in us and we want to make sure everything about your experience with us is positive.

These are three things our clients have expressed gratitude for in leasing an office space with us. We plan to maintain these benefits, among others, to continue meeting our clients’ needs:

1)      Maintaining an ‘open door’ policy.

We’re easy to do business with – and usually right down the hall if you need us. You interface directly with us and often see AOBC owners from Day One as part of our community. If you have a success, concern, or just want to talk about the latest college basketball score we’re available and happy to have your company.

2)      Providing free coffee and tea. (And snacks during the holidays!)

We believe that some things in life should be free – especially coffee! We don’t nickel and dime because we understand those small costs can add up. Also as a client you have access to both break rooms, including the dishwasher and dishes so that bringing your lunch or stepping away from your desk for lunch is easily accommodated.

3)      Keeping a welcoming, professional office and staff presence.

We understand how important first impressions are and it matters to us that your clients are treated just as well as our clients. We make it a priority to provide a courteous and immediate positive experience to everyone who walks in the door. We also strive to maintain the latest in technology for our conference rooms so that you are able to have all that you need to conduct that next important meeting.

Detailed information on the services Access Office Business Center offers in addition to our great location can be found here, but feel free to contact us and take a tour if you have specific questions about your business needs!