Chili Cook Off

On Thursday, November 19th, from 12pm-2pm, Access Office Business Center held our first annual Chili Cook Off! Clients were encouraged to bring their best pot of chili and enter to win a first, second, or third place ranking in the contest. As noon time rolled around, the center was filled with the delicious aroma of bubbling pots of chili while the AOBC staff bustled around putting the finishing touches on the spread.

The Cook Off included seven numbered entries:

1. “The Dominator” – a traditional beef & pork chili

2. White Chicken Chili

3. Three-Bean Chili

4. White Bean Chicken Chili

5. Turkey Chili

6. Veggie Chili

7. “Renegade Chili” – a spicy chili with a twist

The attendees tasted each entry and voted for the number that correlated to favorite chili. After everyone had eaten their fill of the delicious chili, chip & salsa, cornbread, cookies, and pecan pie, the winners were announced.

White Chicken Chili (#2) was voted the favorite with Renegade Chili (#7) following as a close second and Turkey Chili (#5) closing in as third.

Tammy Amell, the proud chef of the winning White Chicken Chili, was rewarded with a gift card to Chili’s restaurant. Gabe Jimenez, the second place winner with his very own recipe for Renegade Chili, went home with a thermal portable soup mug. Cristina Bacon, who used a unique mix of turkey and red kidney beans in her Turkey Chili, received a set of colorful soup bowls.

A fun time was had by all at our first annual AOBC Chili Cook Off! We look forward to tasting even more delicious chili next year.

Chili Cook Off Winners