What to Ask when Looking for an Executive Office

An executive office space is ideal for business owners who may not need a traditional office environment, but who need a professional space to meet with clients. They offer all of the features and amenities of a traditional office, but typically cost much less each month. However, before you jump into a lease with the first space that you find, you should ask some questions to ensure that the executive office will meet your needs.executive office

Questions to Ask

Some of the questions to consider asking include:

  • What are the building hours? Will you have access after-hours if necessary?
  • What type of shared areas or common areas are available?
  • Is there any on-site parking? If not, where is the closest place to park?
  • How is the air conditioner for individual offices controlled?
  • Do they offer an option to expand in the middle of the lease if you need more space?
  • Who is responsible for office maintenance?
  • Where and when does rent need to be paid every months?

Asking these questions will help you get a better idea of whether or not the executive office you have found is right for you.

Other Important Considerations

The fact is that there is no secret formula for finding the right executive office. The best way to figure out if a space will work for you is by visiting it and seeing what the building has to offer. You should observe the interior of the building, if it appears well-maintained and who some of the other tenants are. This will provide you a general idea of the quality of executive office you are renting.

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