Benefits of a Virtual Live Reception Service

Customer-facing departments in any company are usually the most critical area of  operation. Simple mistakes by staff in these teams can mean massive losses; conversely, it can also mean a high level of customer loyalty – if the job is done right. However, the cost and difficulty of training staff to a high proficiency often stumps smaller businesses. This article takes a look at how a professional virtual reception service can literally change the face of your business as far as the customer is concerned.Services
Since we are already on this subject, let us explore it further. Training costs today are higher than ever before. Using an external trainer can certainly be a cost-saving practice, but you may not have a clear picture of the end-result. If, after extensive training, your employees still answer the phone in a surly manner, that’s several hundred dollars down the tubes! A virtual reception service is unique in that it offers pre-trained staff to handle your phone calls. Therefore, you can rest assured that your customers will consistently be answered in a courteous and prompt manner. That is, if you choose a superior service, such as the one offered by Access Office Business Center.
Having a receptionist in your office means investing in fits outs and infrastructure; it could involve expensive interior work and furniture – not to mention a robust PBX system to handle incoming calls. On the other hand, a virtual live reception service can provide all of these for a nominal monthly fee. Compare both and you will see the obvious winner.
An in-house receptionist will typically need to be hired on a full-time basis, and that means a basic salary along with other benefits. The cost of doing this can be quite prohibitive and, therefore, a virtual live reception can help you save on this element as well. Besides, when you consider the fact that an in-house receptionist only utilizes about 50% of their time greeting guests and answering phone calls, you can see the
obvious advantage of a virtual live solution.
These are just three areas in which a virtual live reception service provider can add great value to your business in intangible ways; however, a look at customer satisfaction ratings and loyalty levels will show you that there are certainly many tangible benefits to going this route.