Why You should Invest in a Shared Office Space

An exclusive office in a major metropolitan city is often prohibitively expensive for most businesses, especially in tight financial times when every penny is being watched closely. In many cases, such an office space might cost thousands of dollars a month – something many business just can’t or don’t want to afford. In such cases, a shared office might be a much more viable solution.shared office

What is a Shared Office?

Shared commercial space doesn’t mean that you’ll be sitting at a desk right next to your competitor! It refers to the renting out of property on a commercial basis, some facilities of which are shared with other companies or entities. For example, you’ll still have exclusive office space for your staff, but the lounge, reception, cafeteria and other services are shared between the entities in that building on a ‘per requirement’ basis.

Why Does this Work?

The key to why a shared office is the fact that companies don’t always need exclusive receptions, cafeterias, meeting rooms or training facilities. This arrangement allows you as a company owner to only pay for what you need – when you need it. You might need the meeting room just once a week, so why pay for a space that isn’t used for six days in a week? It makes sense to just rent basic office space and then “pay as you go” for everything else.

What Benefits do you get besides Lower Rentals?
While the monetary savings cannot be ignored, that’s not the only attractive feature of a shared office. For the amount of money that you pay per month, you’re likely to find an office that has an exclusive address – something that would be very expensive if  you took it on an exclusive basis. But there are other benefits too:
• Limit your staffing levels: Because you will only pay for what you need, you won’t need to have janitorial staff on your roles, for example. You may not even need to hire a receptionist to handle your calls because shared services usually provide a virtual assistant for that purpose.
• Enhance your productivity: Shared offices also typically offer mail and fax handling services, so you won’t need to assign valuable man hours to sort mail and faxes.
• Upgrade your Image: Most shared offices are in prime locations where exclusive renting would otherwise be impractical or unaffordable. With a prime location, you have a prestigious address that adds to your company’s brand image.

With all these benefits, why not try a shared office before you spend your hard-earned revenue on expensive offices and unwanted overheads?  At Access Office business Center, you’ll get high-quality service coupled with world-class facilities to support your growing business