Is the Office Space Right for You? How to Accurately Calculate Office Rent

Finding office space in Raleigh can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you have to find the right size and type of space, but you will also have to consider a number of variables – including the cost – prior to signing any lease or contract.

When you begin to search for your future office, be sure to consider the following things to find a space that will work for space

Calculate the Rent

There are far too many office tenants who drive around searching for office space, calling offices, touring the space and even starting the lease negotiations without really understanding what they are going to be paying for, or how much the rent will actually be.

The three primary things that you should understand to know what you will be getting, and how much you will be paying, includes:

  • Usable Square Footage: This is the total amount of space that you will actually be able to use.
  • Common Area Factor: This refers to the amount of shared space you will have to pay for in addition to the usable square footage.
  • Rentable Square Footage: This is the total amount of usable square footage and the common area space you will be paying for.

When you understand what you are actually going to be paying for, you will better understand the space and if it will successfully meet your needs.

The Total Rent – Is it in Your Budget?

Once you know what you are paying for, you will be able to better determine if you have found the right office space for your needs. This is an important consideration and one that you need to think about prior to signing any commitments.

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