How Serviced Office Users Can Clean Up Business Facebook Page

Statistics show that nearly 70 percent of all adults who use the internet use Facebook, which means there is a huge market out there for serviced office users looking to start a business Facebook page. Many businesses have seen the value in having a Facebook page, but over time the page may become overrun with dead links and other useless information that may drive people away from your page rather than invite them in. Many businesses lack the basic knowledge needed to adequately clean up their Facebook page and get it full of useful information for their clients again. Here are a few tips on cleaning up your business Facebook page from the comfort of your own managed office space.serviced office

A Serviced Office User Needs to Check Their Links

One of the first things that you need to do when trying to clean up your Facebook page is to check the links you have on the page and maybe think about adding links for liking the page or one that can take the user to your actual business web page. By checking the links, you can make sure that they are still working and if they are not working you need take them down and replace them with new links. This will ensure that the information that you are sharing with your customers through links does the job and does not take them to a dead page.

The Difference of Share versus Follow Links

Another thing that you need to consider when cleaning up your business Facebook page is to make sure you have both a Like and Share button on your page. Many business pages only have a Share button, which limits the amount of people will see the page because when the Like button is pressed, it will allow the information that you share to show up in the person’s news feed.

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