Tips to Declutter and Clean Your Office Space

Keeping a clean and decluttered office is essential to ensure superior productivity. However, you may find it difficult to find time to complete this task. This is why it may be a good idea to set aside three times during the year where you take a day to declutter and clean your office space. These can be any three dates; however, you may want to consider: the beginning of a new year; during spring break; and back to school space

Chances are when you take the time to declutter and clean your office, you will actually enjoy spending time there; however, you will also be much more productive since you will be able to find what you want and need and will not have to waste time moving piles of items or searching through all your junk drawers.

Some steps to help you begin this process are highlighted here.

Step 1: Get Rid of Office Space Clutter

Before you will be able to begin cleaning your office space, you will have to declutter all of the drawers, cabinets and surfaces. While this may seem a bit overwhelming, it will be a bit easier if you create a list of tasks. Be sure that you also clean out your file cabinets in order to make room for any paperwork that has accumulated on your desk. If you don’t want, love, use or need something – get rid of it!

Step 2: Start to Clean

There is no need to get carried away with this step. You do not have to scrub every single nook and cranny for hours at a time; however, a complete office cleaning will be more than just wiping down your desk.

Step 3: Maintain the Results

Once everything is decluttered and cleaned, you may think you will be able to keep it this way forever; however, the fact is that it will become cluttered, messy and dirty again. This means that you will need to create some type of daily cleaning routine to help you keep your office space looking great.

When you rent an office space from us at Access Office Business Center, we offer housekeeping services, such as trash pickup, so the process of keeping your office clean will be a bit less stressful.