Ways an Office Space User Can Tell Their Website is Update

Driving around there is no doubt that you have seen buildings that could leave a facelift. A fresh coat of paint or new décor could do wonders for the overall appeal of the business that resides within. In most cases, you will find yourself driving by, looking for a fresher, more updated model.


This is the same way that visitors judge your website. Your website is essentially your digital storefront. When you have a great website, it will increase your credibility and then help to establish the presence that your site has in the marketplace. An outdated site, on the other hand, will cause your potential customers to turn away and run. In most cases an outdated website is directly equated with products or services that are also outdated.


There are some definite ways that you can determine if your website is in need of a face lift. These are the top reasons that you need to seek a refresh or redesign of your site.office space


Office Space User Mistake Number 1: Your site consists of nothing but flash.


Any site that is created with flash is quickly going out. Additionally, using flash can actually be detrimental to the search rankings your website has. It also does not work on most of the mobile devices, including the ever-popular Apple devices.


In most cases, a website’s lifespan is between three and five years. If you do not regularly update at these intervals, yours is likely to look ancient when put up against new technology trends.


Office Space User Mistake Number 2: You have a hit counter that is visible.


The fact is that these went out with the 90s. Well, not really but they are a definite no-no for modern websites that are on point with the latest technological trends. Eliminating this feature is a must for any site.

Office Space User Number 3: Your site is missing all call to actions.


You need to encourage your visitors with what you want them to do next. This can be selling of your product or clicking through the site. You need to ensure that these calls to action are clear and to the point.


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