Why A Virtual Office User Should Use Brand Authority

The fact is that Google’s relationship with link building efforts has changed in the past 15 years. It started out as an affectionate affair, but the Facebook status would likely read “It’s Complicated” today. The fact is that Google has developed trust issues with the decade of manipulative SEO community members who have used the link graph for their own purposes. As a result, Google+ and Authorship are working to remedy this situation.virtual rental

What a Virtual Office User Should Know About Brand Authority

When Google first began, links were all treated as equals. With the newest generation of SEOs, linking optimization was developed. Both white and black hats began manipulating the link graph, creating big problems for Google, and ruining the “trust” in links that was previously present. (http://www.seomoz.org/blog/authorship-google-plus-link-building)

At this point Google began making efforts to examine links, no longer were links equal. In the past decade alone, the question “how much is this link trusted?” is asked by Google millions of times a day. Due to this evaluation many links are deemed SPAM or bad and reported as such to the website. These bad links affect traffic, ranking and overall visibility in Google for your website.

There is no doubt that as of now, links are still the “backbone” of the entire algorithm, but Google is actively searching for an offset method for the over-optimization of some links.

Reason a Virtual Office User should Use Google Authorship

Google introduced this unusual approach for boosting search engine rankings for authors, Google Authorship, a few years ago. When you use this tactic, you essentially convince Google you are the author of your own posts, and can then stop any piracy.

This allows you to actually take your writings and register them with Google Authorship. No one else is able to publish or steal your work in any way. In order to have an Authorship profile, you have to use your optimized Google+ account.  When your website is present in search results on Google, your photo will be displayed with the results.

How a Virtual Office User Can Benefit from Google Authorship

There are many benefits to Google Authorship:

  • Allows authors to claim their writing work
  • Makes their content visible to any search engine user
  • Provides credibility for your content
  • Helps your website move up in search results

By choosing the right virtual office for your business, you will be able to focus on building and expanding your authorship. Give the team at Access Office Business Center a call to see what they have to offer.


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