$20 on the 20th: Support Local Businesses!

$20 on the 20th is a campaign by Shop Local Raleigh to encourage consumers to spend their money with a local merchant instead of a big box chain. Shopping locally strengthens communities and even improves the local economy. “For every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $68 stays in the local economy compared to only $43 if spent at a national chain.” (Shop Local Raleigh website) Shop Local Raleigh is an organization of the Greater Raleigh Merchant’s Association focused on supporting locally-owned, independent businesses.








Show your support today of these community-based businesses by purchasing goods at local stores! Shop Local Raleigh even includes a list of businesses offering special deals for people who visit on the 20th and mention that they’re shopping locally. With over 300 businesses in their membership, there is a wide variety of companies in the Raleigh area to choose from when making your purchasing decisions.  Make it a goal to shop at a new local business each month!