Be a Better Boss: Managing Your Employees

Understanding the way your employees work is extremely important. Everyone has different working styles. Some are most productive in  quiet and solitary environment whereas others like to be a part of an energetic team. Being a small business owner and the manager of your employees are two separate jobs. Just because you can run an amazing business, does not necessarily mean you are a great people manager. If you cannot budget an office manager or HR department quite yet, consider these tips below to keep your cool when putting on your office manager hat.

Communication is key. People have different ways of communications, which are often based on cultural backgrounds. These differences can sometimes lead to communication problems. One way is not better than the other, but understanding and being clear is important. Some employees will avoid confrontation and addressing issues, this can be seen as passive-aggressive or a displacement technique (redirecting the conversation). Recognizing and working within the differences in communication styles can help improve communication and will prevent or resolve conflict rather than escalate it. Your way of comfortable communication will not always be effective.

Control anger. Everyone has their anger triggers. When you asked for extra pickles and no mayo on your burger and they put extra mayo and no pickles but you are already home with your take out. When you are triggered at work, (your best team member has not completed his/her work on time or you find our Jerry has spent 3 hours searching which ATV to buy rather than calling clients back) prepare yourself. Tell yourself “Stop, I can manage this. I know how to control my anger. Figure out what I have to do and work out a plan. Don’t overreact. This does not have to be a catastrophe.” You have to believe in yourself and not let your guard down when your employees or clients let you down. There is no point getting out of control or else you are only hurting your own image and your business image.

Be a leader. Just because you are the boss doesn’t mean people will do what you say. If they don’t respect your authority, they will perform at a minimum level to retain their own security. Leaders must inspire their followers to greatness. Help everyone connect with the objectives at hand so they take ownership. Then they will complete their work with pride and be grateful for your continued empowerment and support.

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