Meeting Room Mistakes That Could Cost You Dearly

Business owners lose around $37 billion in productivity due to…

How Access Office Business Center can help you meet your 2014 Goals

Whatever your 2014 business goals, here are some ways Access Office Business Center (AOBC) in Raleigh can help you meet them through a professional office space or virtual office solutions.

Four problems your office space rental should solve

Has your business grown to the point that you feel like you need a professional office space? Want an office but not the high overhead associated with traditional offices? Your chosen office space should be an asset not a hindrance in growing your business - these are 4 problems that your space should address.

What ‘works’ for you? Virtual Office solutions or an Office Space?

There are some great articles out right now criticizing the open-office layout environment typical of a lot of co-working spaces as well as questioning the typical business model of being tied to a desk in an office. As your own boss, it may be difficult to determine what is best for you and your working style. Below are some questions to ask yourself when looking for a space that works for you.

Great Space, Great Meeting: 4 Things to look for

Just as important as having clear objectives, a pre-set agenda, and action items for a productive meeting, it’s essential to have a great space for a great meeting. You need a space that works – functionally and aesthetically. Here are four things to look for when looking for your next meeting space.

Ways to Save Money by Leasing Office Space at Access

Access Office Business Center can provide professional office space and meeting rooms as well as administrative services at a lesser cost than traditional office space, conveniently located near Brier Creek and the airport in Raleigh, NC.

What type of office space is right for my business?

According to a recent public radio article, opinions still vary…

Spring Cleaning: Time to Make a Change

Spring is often a time to de-clutter the closet, open the windows,…

Benefits of Flexible Workplaces

There’s a lot of talk in the news these days about flexible…