Finding an Office Space: How to Make the Most of It

As anyone going through the process of finding office space knows, there are tons of options out there and many different business models to choose from. Understanding the pluses and minuses to each can be difficult and tough to ascertain from the spaces themselves. We’ve put together a collection of articles that will help you start thinking about what is most important to you and your business and aid in making this decision less confusing.

Virtual Office Solutions

Virtual Office Solutions are still a new idea to many people, but it basically means hiring someone else to take care of things such as mail and telephone answering. Still unsure why you would want to do this? The below articles may clear things up:

Co-working / Turnkey Executive Offices

There are plenty of articles out there touting benefits of co-working spaces and plenty contradicting those articles too. It’s best to determine what will be most beneficial for your business and personal working style, and the below articles can help you sort that out:

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