How is a ‘Virtual Office’ different than telecommuting or co-working?

Access Office Business Center’s Virtual Office packages are similar to co-working or telecommuting but not the same. Although co-working, telecommuting, and virtual offices all are ways to save on the hard costs of leasing a space and hiring staff, a virtual office package with Access Office Business Center portrays your business as professional and polished through services such as a trained receptionist, a private phone number with remotely accessible voicemail, and mail and package handling.

Similar to telecommuting, virtual offices offer the ability for you to work anywhere, anytime. However, as a telecommuter you have no administrative staff or a receptionist to deal with phone calls, mail, and meetings. With a virtual office, instead of connecting directly to your personal cell phone, your calls will be answered by an operator with a customized company greeting. In addition, your mail will be handled by administrative staff and you may reserve our professionally decorated meeting room and conference room for important appointments.

Although co-working instead of telecommuting adds the ability to have a specific space for working, these organizations often strive to maintain a casual, free-flowing vibe that may not be appropriate for the professional attitude you want to portray to your clients. With a virtual office package, you are able to depict your business as well-established, professional, and polished – exactly what you need to grow your company.

Detailed information on the virtual office services Access Office Business Center offers can be found here, but feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about your business needs!