Improve Your Image with Virtual Offices in Raleigh

Virtual offices in Raleigh can give you the professional image that you’re looking for, without the expensive price tag of a traditional office. When you want to let your clients know that you are serious about your business, why not show them by putting a prestigious address on all mailings, and having a dedicated phone number that gets answered by a trained receptionist?

When you have a dedicated phone number to call, your clients will be directed to the live answering service. The receptionist will answer using your business name and will be able to answer some general questions about your company. Upon your request, they can forward the call directly to you, or they can take a message and page it to you. Just think of all the extra work you’ll be able to get done when you don’t have to constantly answer the phone all day long.

A prestigious business address is another service you will receive. All incoming mail will be sorted and forwarded to you. You can use the business address on all of your outgoing mail, along with the phone number provided. Your clients will surely be impressed by the address on all of your packages and envelopes.

In addition, you are usually allotted a certain amount of meeting room time each month. So if you meet with clients on a regular basis, you can book a room that fits your needs. Whether you meet with one person for a sales presentation, or you want to present to a group, there are meeting rooms that will fit your requirements. Other services include lobby listings, copy and fax services, and after hours answering services.

Access Office Business Center offers advanced and specialized Virtual Offices in Raleigh, NC. We take pride in offering the best amenities that will give your business an extra professional edge. Renting a Virtual Office with us will be one of the best choices your business can make. Contact us today at (919) 747-2690 or at