Looking for Adventure: Raleigh Typhoon

If you’re tired of doing the same things every weekend or feel like there is nothing unusual to do in the city, think again. This Saturday, November 2nd, marks the 7th annual Raleigh Typhoon, an urban adventure that will test your wits, stamina, and sense of humor. The scavenger hunt is a unique expedition combining games, old-fashioned craziness, foot-racing, and team-oriented fun. Taking place from 12:30pm to 9:00pm, with an after-party at Isaac Hunter’s, you can register online now.

Raleigh Typhoon

Teams have to be at least 2 people but no more than 8 people and you can win over $5000 in cash and prizes. The only other requirements for participation are: being 21 years or older; bringing a smart device with space for pictures, videos, and access to social networks; and spending $50 (per team) at any business that is a sponsor. (Considering the great list of restaurants and bars sponsoring the event, that will be the easiest task!)

Raleigh Typhoon2

It is not a race but you do have to complete all the tasks by a certain time in order to win. Having involved nearly 1600 participants over the past six years, tasks can be anything from tasting to delicious chocolates to lip-syncing to pole dancing to completing mazes to solving riddles to riding a rickshaw to finding a “Waldo” look-alike. Sure to be entertaining, educational, and a great way to explore the city, more details on registration, rules, and location are at www.raleightyphoon.com.