Professional Meeting & Conference Rooms in Raleigh

When you want to meet with an important client or have a presentation to give to a group of people you want to impress, your home office may not be quite up to par and a public spot like a restaurant or coffee shop just won’t do. There are certain times when your business needs a more professional image. Meeting Rooms in Raleigh offered by Access Office Business Center may be the ideal solution. Whether you need to meet with one person or 50, we have facilities that can meet your needs.

For most entrepreneurs, working out of their home provides flexibility, freedom and independence. Many job duties suit the home office perfectly, but there are times when business calls for a more professional setting. Depending on how often you need them, you can rent our executive office spaces and meeting rooms on a monthly basis or just by the hour. Your clients will be met by a trained receptionist who will direct them to the reserved meeting room or to wait in our professionally decorated lobby with comfortable seating and a wide-screen TV. They will also be able to partake of complimentary coffee or tea while they’re waiting. Your clients will feel right at home and they’ll know that you care about your company and your customers.

The Meeting and Conference Rooms are fully furnished and provide all of the hi-tech equipment you need to get through your presentation with ease: internet, overhead projectors, DVD players, and more are all provided at no extra cost. Comfortable chairs ensure that even long meetings won’t have your guests squirming in their seats. Many of these spaces can be booked online, and some offer a discount for doing so.

As your business grows, you may find that being at home isn’t as practical as it used to be. For this reason, there are dedicated or shared offices that you can rent, either on a part-time, occasional, or full-time basis. When you rent an office, you are usually allotted a certain number of meeting room hours for free each month.

Access Office Business Center: The best choice for Meeting and Conference Facilities in Raleigh, NC. Rent fully furnished and serviced Meeting Rooms in a professional and technologically advanced Office Business Center. Access offers the best option for your business needs. Contact us today at (919) 747-2690 or at