Your Office Space Location Matters (even for non-retail business)

People often say location is everything for businesses such as retail and restaurants, but what about the rest? Location should be an important factor in finding your next office space too; here are three things to consider.


Depending on what type of business you run, you don’t want your customers having to circle busy streets searching for parking or paying out of pocket to park in a deck. Surface parking that makes your office space easy to access can be a big deal to your customers, making it easy to find you and hassle-free when they leave.

Proximity to airport

Do you have a remote team or people who will frequently be travelling from out of town? Finding a location close to the airport, hotels, and other modes of travel will help ease their stay and help enhance your welcoming mentality. Having a great location convenient to many will also make your office space the most likely meeting place, raising the professionalism level of your company.

Proximity to restaurants / other business amenities

There are many other aspects related to running a business that may not be focused on core business goals – including possible trips to a shipping center, post office, hardware store, and other menial tasks. Having an office space conveniently located near such amenities can make such administrative duties much more efficient. In addition, sometimes leaving the office for food or drinks is necessary so being near a multitude of great eating establishments and bars can enhance out-of-office client meetings.

While location isn’t everything, it can make a huge difference in making your company seem more professional and welcoming as well as more efficient. Detailed information on the services Access Office Business Center offers in addition to our great location can be found here, but feel free to contact us and take a tour if you have specific questions about your business needs!