Virtual Office Assistant in Raleigh-Durham

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Explaining the Virtual Office Assistant

Ever wished you had a skilled assistant to lighten your workload and help free up your time and mental energy to tackle your more pressing business challenges?

Virtual office assistants are trained administrative staff that provide remote or on-site administrative support services for your company.  They provide your company with the service and function of a professional staff at a fraction of the cost and are just one of the great services we provide here at Access Office Business Center!

We understand the difficulties of keeping up with your growing business. Hiring a virtual assistant saves you thousands of dollars in recruiting, training, and retaining full-time staff.  It also eliminates the complexities and expense of administrative staff sick leave, insurance, and other employment benefits.

At Access, we can include bulk administrative time in your office or virtual office package at a reduced cost as compared to a la carte rates, allowing you to experience economy of scale.  If flexibility is of paramount importance to you, or if your administrative workload varies significantly from month to month, administrative assistance can be arranged by the hour.  In either circumstance, operating costs are streamlined significantly as compared to your business maintaining a full-time administrative staff member.

Access Office Business Center virtual assistants offer services that are tailor-made to meet your needs.  Combined with our full-service offices, virtual offices, and meeting room and conference room facilities, our virtual assistant service is a valuable tool for any growing but expense-conscious business!