5 Tips for a Successful Shared Office Space Environment

Working from home is an ideal that employees and small business owners have held for the last twenty years. But for a variety of reasons a lot of those people have returned back to having an office outside the home. So for those in or considering a shared office space, here are 5 ways to create a successful office space environment.

1. Set ground rules

There are communal areas for every shared office space – from rest rooms to kitchen facilities – and it’s a lot easier to have people know where they stand from the get go. Ask them about the expectations of their business environment when interviewing, and write down some rules and boundaries.

And if you are already in a shared office space, how do you make rules? Start a dialogue with others about requests they may have. Listen to the suggestions and create a draft of rules that everyone can give input on. Using a democratic process will avoid having people feel like they are left out of the decision making.

2. Clean up after yourself

Some people are naturally cleaner than others but it’s important that all make an effort to respect everyone’s surroundings. If all parties make an effort here, it will save you time and energy. In some offices, creating a roster of activities for the staff or a responsibility chart may ease any confusion regarding who should be doing which duties.

3. Be aware of your noise level

Keep track of your noise level, as this can get under people’s skin as much as a dirty sink can. Actions such as shutting your door when you are using the speakerphone setting on your phone or using headphones if you are playing music can make a large difference in your fellow workers’ ability to concentrate and have conversations.

4. Remember at least one thing about your colleagues’s business and personal life

This can smooth over cracks in many relationships. Keeping track of the position that little Johnny plays on the football team or asking about big Johnny’s custom car restoration hobby gives people the impression that you care about them and are interested in hearing about their passions. And if you listen to them, they will most likely listen to you.

5. Go there to work

It’s not a social scene, and others are there to accomplish their business goals and grow their business, just like you. Be respectful of yours and other’s time and maintain focus when in the workplace. After-hours networking over a pint or two is a great way to build connections and camaraderie but professional boundaries and time limitations should always be respected during the work day.

Following these 5 tips is a great way to create the professional, welcoming office environment that Access Office Business Center strives to maintain. Detailed information on the services Access Office Business Center offers can be found here, but feel free to contact us and take a tour if you have specific questions about your business needs!