Different Types of Office Rentals: What Works for You?

Whether you are looking to rent an office for a start-up company or relocating an existing office, it all comes down to the space you are going to be in. There are many types of office rentals and you need to decide what best fits your business’s needs.

Types of offices may vary slightly depending on location but there are some that are basically the same throughout the country. For example:

  • Traditional Offices – buildings with many offices in them; offices have walls and doors for the executives and often cubicles for the remaining workers
  • Cubicle Farms – large companies that have a plethora of middle-management and entry-level workers sometimes place them in arrangements of multiple cubicles; this is often a typical set-up for a call center
  • Open Plan Offices – plans often used by design companies and the like because of the easy communication between staff members; intended to stimulate a creative environment, there may be individual or shared desks, and there will usually be a large meeting room for the staff as well
  • Incubator Offices/Business Centers – appeared more frequently in the past couple of decades and houses a variety of workers that may or may not be working with the same company; intended to maximize office space
  • Mixed Plan Offices – consists of 3 main areas: cubicles, common or meeting rooms, and offices; similar to a traditional office but can be used in any size office space

These types of offices may be termed different things in different areas of the country and you should consider asking for more description or spending some time visiting the offices when looking for what you need for your business.

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