What type of office space is right for my business?

According to a recent public radio article, opinions still vary on whether a completely open plan office or ‘cubicle farms’ or private offices are the best way forward for companies in the future. There is also no research overwhelmingly in support of one over the other. Therefore, you should consider your specific company’s needs when looking for a space for your business. Below are three key questions to ask when looking for an office space.

Do I need collaboration space?

Open space team rooms are ideal for employees working on collaborative projects. These spaces typically have tables or desks arranged to encourage interaction within the team and promote brainstorming.

What size room will I need for presentations and meetings?

Are you needing an executive board room for a monthly management meeting or a more intimate space for a private conversation among a few people? Or perhaps you need both! It’s important to make sure your office space can fulfill both every day and more infrequent professional needs.

Do I need an executive office for use every day or only sporadically?

Again you should consider your business’s usage – are you generally out in the field or prefer to not be behind a desk but would still like the perks of a full-time administrative assistant? Then perhaps virtual office services providing call forwarding and mail handling would be best for you. Or do you need a full-time office complete with furnishings and access to a copy center and lobby area? Then leasing an executive office suite may be what you’re looking for.

Whether your business requires a collaborative team room, dedicated meeting room or conference room, or one or more executive offices, Access Office Business Center stands ready to provide your custom-tailored workspace solution.  Come see what we have to offer and experience our professional and welcoming office environment today! Additional detailed information on the services Access Office Business Center offers can be found here, but feel free to contact us and take a tour if you have specific questions about your business needs!