How to be the Winner of your Office Space’s NCAA Tourney Bracket

It’s March Madness baby! It’s also time to finalize your NCAA tourney brackets. While you may not win $1 billion dollars this time, following these key selection strategies could give you all sorts of bragging rights at your office.

Best uniforms

That’s right, everyone knows that the teams with the best-looking or craziest colorful garb are bound to win the tourney – because everyone can’t stop staring at their amazing style! Check out this round-up of the 15 Greatest Uniforms in the 2014 Tournament to aid your decision.

Best team mascot

How in the world can you pick the winning team without knowing which of them that has the best furry creature to get the crowd amped up? Because the Internet is a wealth of information, someone spent a lot of time putting together a ranking of the 2014 March Madness mascots. A must read on so many levels.

Funniest coach name

This method will set you apart from the crowd and potentially make you the winner since we all know that leaders in the tourney bracket challenge can change in the blink of an eye. Now choosing someone like Mike Krzyzewski (no wonder everyone just says ‘Coach K’) is almost too easy, but choosing Shaka Smart (VCU coach) could be an unexpected ‘smart’ choice. (Ha, ha.) If you are crunched for time this may also be the fastest method as Wikipedia provides this handy-dandy guide of current NCAA men’s basketball coaches!


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