O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

As the Holiday Season quickly approaches many North Carolinas families are heading out to the Farmer’s Market, roadside stands, and Christmas tree farms to select the centerpiece of their holiday decor.

With over 1,600 North Carolina Christmas tree growers it is no surprise that the North Carolina Fraser fir is the most popular Christmas tree in North America. Thanks to this popular fir the North Carolina Christmas tree industry is ranked second in the nation in the number of trees harvested. Last year Christmas tree sales contributed approximately 85 million dollars to the North Carolina state economy. It is estimated that at least 5 million trees are harvested annually in North Carolina, producing over 18% of the real Christmas trees grown in the United States that are shipped all over the continent to deck the halls.

The unfortunate onset of regional droughts and wildfires have given North Carolina’s Christmas tree industry a boost this year. Thousands of trees were burned in Texas and Oklahoma so North Carolina will be exporting trees to aid in the supply of sales in both states. This year NC Christmas tree farms will also be donating about 1,000 trees to military families in North Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.

In North Carolina the first two Saturdays of December tend to be the busiest tree selling days of the season, so if you haven’t purchased your locally grown Christmas tree hurry out this weekend to pick one up! The NC Farmer’s market has a large selection and if you drive around the Triangle for a few minutes you will be sure to come across a roadside sale. For more information about where you can locate your perfect tree this holiday season, visit www.ncchristmastrees.com.

Happy Holidays!